Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sierra Wave and Return (LARGE, 802MB)

This flight was to test how the ship worked for a long duration wave flight. I flew with Stefan Leutenegger, 25, Swiss world team pilot, who's in Northern California on a short term work project. Stefan is comfortable with long flights as he flew a 14 hour, 1000km flight in Europe recently. We thought we'd be lucky to land on the east edge of the central valley, then get an aero retrieve home. It turned out quite differently. Please excuse the handheld video, we did not have a mount on this flight, but plan to add one very soon. If you have Quicktime (QT) installed (or have a mac), click the picture above but THIS WILL PLAY IN THE BROWSER AT 1920x1080. It may be better to try and save the file by Ctrl-click on the image (mac) or right click (PC) and click "save link as.." to download this movie, then play on a big screen. 802MB, 16:08. For best viewing, you need a DSL, cable, or faster connection.


cu said...

Good video. I also enjoyed the shorter crossing of the delta video.

This type of video as you have presented it in HD certainly seems to be a very good way to provide non-participants with a glimpse into the challenges and decision making required for x-c soaring. A vast improvement over the yet-another-music-video-about-soaring variety.

Keep the 1080p coming. (BTW, which camera are you using? I need to upgrade from an early 1080i model.)

Playback is perfect on MacBook Pro Core Duo (1st gen) 2.16GHZ 2GB 15"

Downloaded from dreamhosters.com in less than 20 minutes via Verizon FIOS.

cu:~ $ curl -o Apr14SVEMEVWSC5MB.mov http://...

Total 801MB
Received 801MB
Average Dload 696KBps
Time Total 0:19:38

Kemp said...

Thanks for the feedback, I use a Canon HV20.

Piet Barber said...

From Switzerland using 'wget':

100%[==============>] 840,435,429 479.32K/s ETA 00:00

It took about 30 mins; average byte-rate in bold above. Of course, this was done when most of the people in the US were sleeping.