Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sierra Wave and Return (Medium, 444MB)

If you have Quicktime (QT) installed (or have a mac), click the picture above. If you have a PC without QT, click here Flash version to view. For best viewing, you need a DSL, cable, or faster connection. 444MB, 16:08.


Michael said...

Another wonderful video, thanks so much. You raised my spirits on a weekend which has turned out to be more or less unflyable around here. It was great to see you flying in an area I'm a little familiar with, and to see you flying through all these different conditions to finally make the return. It was very educational to watch you taking advantage of the weather and to follow you through the various decisions you had to make during the flight.

The 1080p resolution is great as always. It fits my screen perfectly (1920x1200) and the quality is the next best thing to actually being there.

Keep up the good work!

John Seaborn said...


Having sworn off Quicktime which somehow ends up owning my system if I run it, how about a PC non Quicktime format?


Matt Herron Jr. said...
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Matt Herron Jr. said...


very informative as usual. I love the way you look 50-100 miles out for clues as to what to do next. It requires you to think 1-2 hours ahead as well. Something I would love to learn to do better.

I watched the video in my browser and found that the player overtook the download stream quite often. If I understood your description, I was actually downloading the full hdi stream and quicktime was squishing it back down to a smaller size. This means I was paying the bandwidth penalty without reaping the benefits.

For me the perfect arrangement would be a streaming version of less than full resolution that would start right away and never hiccup. The value is really in the content, after all, not the size of the picture. Then I would want the option to download the full rez version for later viewing if I so desired.

A speed test after watching the video shows my connection achieved 3417 kbps download speed. So that's not sufficient to stream the full rez video (unless your server is not spewing it fast enough)

On the video itself- wobbly camera wasn't too distracting. Your white hat was though. Go black for the next 2 seater adventure. I hear it's cool at 17,400 anyway... I am not sure, but would a polarizer cut through some of the canopy glare? Don't put it on the lens directly unless you have checked that it doesn't rotate with focus change. Worth a test, at least.

all in all, another outstanding work. The onscreen labels are very helpful, as well as the map. Thanks for taking the time to do it!


Kemp said...

For those who prefer non-Quicktime versions, I'll be posting a Flash version of this movie in the next couple days and will announce then.

Kemp said...

The Flash version is now up. And, yes, I bought and will now use, a dark hat to improve in-flight video quality!

cu said...

> about a PC non Quicktime format?

VLC is an alternative QuickTime player (amongst other talents) and supports many different platforms.

Binaries are available for download for windows, linux, and Mac OS X.