Thursday, September 10, 2009

Libelle Gathering: Pilots and Their Panels

I had the great fortune to attend the first ever US Libelle Gathering at Air Sailing this past July. Great flying and great people, thanks to Neita Montague and the Air Sailing team. While there, I decided to interview the pilots and have them talk for a moment about their ships (some of historic note) and most importantly, their instrument panels as that's where the differences are between ships. If you have Quicktime (QT) installed (or have a mac), click the picture above, otherwise click here Flash version to view. For best viewing, you need a DSL, cable, or faster connection. 99MB, 8:38.

NOTE: This entire video was shot and recorded with a handheld Canon SD960, a point and shoot camera with 720 HD video and a good audio record capacity.