Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking Further Out (Small, 36Mb)

This video is sized for video ipods, save the file by Ctrl-click on the image (mac) or right click (PC) and click "save link as.." to download this movie. 36MB 3:10.


Mitch said...

Great Vids! Please keep them coming. If I may: a quick view of a weather chart of the very same morning would have add that little something, but they really are great tutorials.

Tavo said...

Great Video. Amazing sound and image quality. I was more anxious than the pilot to find that thermal over the power plant.
Is there anyway to show a progress bar while downloading video? I didn't see it, I clicked.. tought no sucess, abandoned the video and 5 minutes after Surprise! the video started to play. Progress bar will help. Maybe is just my browser. Keep more coming. Octavio

dbsonic said...

Enjoyed the video. I think you certainly capture the moment of the "anxious pilot" over the power plant.