Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking Further Out (LARGE, 299Mb)

Ctrl-click on the image (mac) or right click (PC) and click "save link as.." to download this movie. Downloading to your computer rather than an automatic start may make it easier to manage this large file. This video is a full 1080p in format so is best seen on a full HD big screen display. As this is such a large file, only attempt downloading if you have a VERY fast connection. If you are successful in downloading and playing, please comment as I suspect few people are able to do this. I plan to have more 1080p movies in the near future. 299MB 3:10.


Christian said...

Nicely edited.
15Min download for 300Mb

Were you shooting with a Canon HV20? If so, I have spent some time now working with these HDV files. I have sucessfully burned to BD an played on a BD player and HD1080P plasma. I have also loaded to YouTube using H.264 compression with quality approaching National Geographic on YouTube.

I would be interested in seeing your camera mounting solution. I intend to shoot a featre length HD video this summer while flying the Sierras, Owens and Great Basin. Maybe we can share notes. I'm currently editing with Adobe Premiere and Affter Effects on a PC.

-Christian Mackin

Delbert said...

Excellent video and useful as a training aid. I viewed the small and the large from my PC screen. Obviously didn't get full value of the HD. From training view point they both offered equal value. At least in this example their was not additional training value gained by viewing the large file. I look forward to viewing more of your superb work.
-Delbert Bassett

SoaringMoe said...

Nice job Kemp. I downloaded the full res and it looked amazing on my laptop (not fully 1080) and even better on a 50" Plasma with full 1080.

To be honest though, I don't know if it makes that much of a difference for training/educational video to go from medium to the full 1080 and pay more than double the cost of download. Maybe if the video was from mountains with scenery that I hadn't seen before I would think different :)

-Morteza Ansari

5Z said...

Took about 20 minutes to download on my medium speed connection. Looked great on my 42" 720p TV connected to my laptop, so I was viewing at 1366 x 768.

I also watched the crater lake video again, and personally, it doesn't seem worth the huge file size for what seems like a fairly small improvement in image quality. Though now that I've had HD service for just over two months, I still find myself browsing just the HD programs as the just look sooooo nice.

Oh, and of course, I must compliment you on the production. Just before you showed the landing spot, my wife wondered out loud about what your choice was. While watching the video, I could see some hints of possibilities, but not until you showed the still shot did I see it.

Good stuff. Keep it up.


Ybuqc said...

Very nice video! You may have add on the "map" where were the CU.
Please continue with such videos, that's a very good idea!!!!