Sunday, October 25, 2009

2061 km In The Sierra Wave

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This 32 minute, full HD format video documents Gordon Boettger's 13+ hour flight for a new national record and the longest flight outside of the Andes. The video puts you alongside Gordon as he narrates the flight planning, weather evaluation, equipment preparation, and most important, the tactical in-flight decisions based on reading wave clouds at altitudes at times exceeding 24,000 feet. What to do, why and where to go when aiming for 2000km are covered in high definition. HD=1280x720, iPhone=480x270, running time=32:18.

Co-produced by Sierra Mountain Gallery and HD Soaring. To support producing more in-flight analysis documentaries, this video is a one-time paid download. Pay using your Amazon account, or if you don't have one, easily setup one at the sign-in page. Delivery by Bitmenu.

License: Personal, non-commercial use only.
Broadcast & group presentation license available by email to: GRBoettger (at)

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Questions? Email me at: kizuno1 (at)
.............or Gordon at: GRBoettger (at)


Joe Bloggs said...

Thanks Gordon and Kemp. Grea to see the flight taken apart phase by phase.

Kemp said...

Thanks Joe, we really wanted to document this in a way that a pilot would easily and clearly appreciate and could use. Everyone needs to take more pictures and put them together in a format like this for their own use!

GliderTchr said...

Congratulations on a fantastic Wave Flight, Gordon! Great job on the documentory video, Kemp! Enjoyed every minute of it! I can certainly use this to teach about wave flying. It also brought back memories of just how cold it is at 25,000 ft in a glider!
Mary (Hunt) Rust, CFIG